90cm 10 Function Built-In Oven (Dark Stainless Steel)


  • Dark stainless + black glass

  • 110 Litre capacity

  • Full touch control

  • Programmable touch timer

  • White digital LED display

  • Triple glazed

  • Telescopic rail set

  • 2 x Wire shelves

  • Baking tray

  • Grill insert

Sensor touch controls

Simply press the sensor touch control until the desired heat level is achieved. From a low simmer to a high boiling point, any level of heat is easily obtained.

efficiency and speed

Our induction cooktops transfer heat directly to cookware using magnetic fields. This means that heat is instant, precise, and only heats your cookware - not surrounding areas, making it extremely energy efficient and safe.

easy to clean

The ceramic glass finish allows for easy cleaning. For best results wipe away any spills with a damp cloth from the surface once the cooktop has cooled down.


Meals will be ready when you are by setting a time (up to 99minutes) which turns the cooktop off after desired time has been reached.


Where available our child lock allows the control panel to be locked so programs can't be altered